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Back in 2014, a community member by the name of “Dav Flamerock” (some of you may know them as Fantasy Flight Games developer Tyler Parrot of L5R, KeyForge, and LOTR Revised fame) created custom campaigns for the first two cycles of The Lord of the Rings LCG: Shadows of Mirkwood and Dwarrowdelf.

These two custom campaigns allowed players to rediscover those cycles with campaign cards that provided unique and flavorful rules for each scenario; and added boons and burdens into the mix, a concept that was still very fresh for The Lord of the Rings LCG game system. Given that the chances of revised reprints (and thus, a campaign element) for these two cycles is very slim, this is one of the only ways to enjoy them as an interconnected experience, straight from the mind of a future FFG developer.

Sadly, these campaigns were lost to the annals of time. There is an archived record of a blog post on Team Covenant on September 15, 2014 for the Shadows of Mirkwood campaign; but most of the Mirkwood cards and the entire Dwarrowdelf project are nothing but broken images. The only way we have been able to bring this project back into the limelight is via the community: the raw files for Mirkwood, and black and white printed images for Dwarrowdelf.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of raw or better quality files for Dwarrowdelf, please contact us at hallofheroescontact(at) We’d love to preserve these custom campaigns in the highest quality format possible. In our experience, they are a blast to play and freshen up the first several cycles in a big way. Plus, they’re compatible with nightmare mode if you want.

So without further ado: the campaigns!

Shadows of Mirkwood cycle custom Dav Flamerock campaign [Credit: Brett]
Complete ZIP file

Dwarrowdelf cycle custom Dav Flamerock campaign