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Easy Mode Guide

Race Against the Shadow Rules

Official Campaign Log

Official Scoresheet

10th Anniversary Achievement List [Print Version]

Fan Taboo/Restricted Lists

ALEP Free to Choose List

Seastan’s Restricted Progression

Seastan’s Hardcore Progression

Sleeve Your Games resource site

LOTR and Journeys in Middle-earth playlist (Credit – Bobbymcbobface)

LOTR LCG Melodice Music Playlist

Card Count Spreadsheet [Instructions](Credit – McDog3)

Excel player card list (Credit – Davidmsawyer)

Card Count Measurement Spreadsheet (Credit – Ira)

Release date breakdown with a graph (Credit – Thanatopsis)

LOTR LCG Encounter Sets breakdown

Action windows breakdown [PDF] (Credit – Sappidus)

LOTR LCG community custom alt arts (Credit – Hrodebert)

LOTR LCG Quest Companion

LOTR LCG Card Art Database (El refugio del dúnadan)

Zorbec’s Deck Builder

Sleazy Mode and Other Terms Glossary from Vision of the Palantir

Release date breakdown on Board Game Geek

Community 2021 Quest Tracker

LOTR LCG Players Google Map

Cardboard of the Rings Episode Guide

ALEP fan project

Legacy of Feanor fan project

TrekLotR – LOTR Star Trek fan project (Cards | TTS)

Card Dimensions: 63.5mm x 88mm

Card Stock: Roughly 300 GSM/110lb cover weight (More Info)

Interview and Stream List

Tabletop Simulator (TTS) Guide

Organized Play (OP) Guide for all LCGs

2010 Gen Con demo cards

Gen Con archive: seat counts for LOTR LCG events

2015 – Gimli, 144 seats
2016 – Boromir, 288 seats
2017 – Celeborn, 324 seats
2018 – Glorfindel, 336 seats
2019 – Bilbo – 336 seats

Card Backs (Official)

ALEP (Unofficial)

Visual Nightmare Deck Breakdown

Not every quest was converted into a nightmare version, so it can be confusing to figure out which quests actually got the nightmare treatment. This handy infographic from community member midhras helps.

Fellowship 2020 Kit

Cardboard of the Rings Swag [Source]

FFG LOTR Sleeves

Playmats (fabric-laminated neoprene)