Lord of the Rings LCG Community Resources

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Cardboard of the Rings

Lord of the Rings ACG

League of Cooperative Gaming

TTSClub (General Online Gaming)

New Player Guides:

Beorn’s Path

The Hive Tyrant Complete Tutorial

Watch it Played – How to Play LOTR LCG

New Player Advice – Cardboard of the Rings

Official FFG LOTR LCG Tutorial

Zura’s Workshop – Beginner’s Corner

Cardboard Clash First Steps Guide

Tabletop Simulator (TTS) Guide

Vision of the Palantir Guide Hub

Seastan’s comprehensive guide to action windows [Video]

Buyer’s Guides:

Vision of the Palantir

Tales from the Cards

Card Talk [YouTube | Written]


Hall of Beorn

Darkling Door

Master of Lore

Tales from the Cards

Vision of the Palantir

Warriors of the West

The White Tower

LOTR Deck Testing Ground

The Secondhand Took [Artwork breakdown]

The Road

Reflection in Henneth Annûn

Unfinished Trails

Susurros del Bosque Viejo (Spanish blog)

Warden of Arnor

The men of Gondor (German blog)

Dor Cuarthol


Cardboard of the Rings

The Grey Company

Card Talk

The Hive Tyrant (Progression Series)

The Hall Of Cards

Zura’s Workshop


One Stop Co-op Shop

Clay Dogh

The Dice Tower

The Broken Meeple


Glaurung Plays

The Tenth Nazgul


Cardboard of the Rings


Social Media Communities:

Lord of the Rings LCG players Facebook

Lord of the Rings LCG Reddit


Cardboard of the Rings

Three is Company

The Card Game Cooperative

The Grey Company

Card Talk


Counter for card game LotR LCG

LOTR Tracker

Community Draft


Quest Phase

Data/deckbuilding sites:


Hall of Beorn

Quest Companion


Con of the Rings

Lure of Middle-earth

Official FFG materials:

LOTR LCG Product Site

FFG Instagram

FFG Forums (Defunct after January 2021)

FFG YouTube channel

FFG Live Twitch channel

FFG Organized Play (OP) Newsletter Subscription Link